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ALTIN DAMLA is a jewelry company specialising in gold. Established in 1976 and based in Nuruosmaniye, Istanbul - an area in the heart of jewelry business. Over the past 45 years Altın Damla has become one of the most successful and trusted companies in the jewelry business in Turkey. ALTIN DAMLA has been recognized in the international market; and over the 45 years it developed an enormous exportation capacity within the international market. It exports its own productions as wholesale and also retails to the USA, Europe, Balkan States, Middle East, and North Africa. ALTIN DAMLA , produces its own unique jewelry designs and participates in important International jewelry fairs to introduce their designs, while expanding their customer network.


You may find Altın Damla products in its exclusive showroom located in Nuruosmaniye, Istanbul. Altın Damla's experienced staff operate with the principle of providing outstanding service to international and domestic customers. Altın Damla is a family company built on solid foundations. In recent years the second generation in the family began their contribution to the company in terms of creativity, and design. They have also contributed to the companies' expansion financially. One of their success is the creation of VIONA - - intricate and creative designs for retail. VIONA is born out of Altın Damla's solid background and rich tradition, aiming to add to this tradition their youth and new vision in to expanding the company to new horizons. For the last 3 years VIONA has been taking part in fairs with its new jewelry designs and conducting sales through the internet. Viona is a candidate to be an exciting and promising brand in jewelry design globally.


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Vision mission


Viona aims to be a world trademark and expand in marketing as a wholesale and retailer, while ensuring continuity and protection of our 45 years of tradition and reputation as a trustworthy and reliable business.


Our mission is to maintain our achievements in creating innovative and unique designs while providing the utmost service that surpass the expectation of our customers' needs and expectations.